Hickory Leaf Comanche
Second Generation (f2)
Sire: CBC Farms B Freedom
Dam: CBC Farms MIRA*D

Daystar's Ben-Hur
Date of Birth: 6/18/12
Third Generation (f3) American
Sire: Daystar's Sir Justice
Dam: Daystar's Lady Miriam *V
We invite you to go to the website DaystarsFarm.com to view Lady Miriam's impressive show wins. You will see that she has a beautiful udder, genes which we are counting on her having passed to her son, Ben-Hur.


CBC Farm's B My Valentine
Date of Birth: 2/10/04
Second Generation (f2)
Sire: Dill's B-52 Bomber
Dam: Dewmar Acres Moonraker's Farah
Blue Eyes
Valentine was our first Mini and the beginning of our cheese making. I refer to her fondly as my "blue eyed witch" as this lady can open gates that I forgot I even had!  I officially retired Valentine in 2014, much to her disgust.   When her daughter, Blueberry, kidded with a buck and a doe in 2016, Valentine promptly came into milk and proceeded to help raise them! 

Rest peacefully my friend.  We lost Valentine 11/3/2016 at almost 13.


We have an very nice herd of Mini-Nubians not shown here yet but I will continue to work on it! 



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